Monday, 21 March 2011

Today's Gonna Be a Great Day~

"sunday is my holiday~"
I'm not having great day today..
1st, i wake up early (11.00a.m.)..and my head spinning around @_@
2nd, i do laundry and dry it outside..then "HUJAN TURUN DAN BANJIR TIDAK DATANG"
3rd, i want to study (got midterm exam for the next day..) but i fall asleep...until 7.00p.m
4th, i cook spaghetti with sardins (dunno how to make its sauce)..not delicious..
5th, i try to study again (for midterm exam) but FACEBOOK keep bothering me..
6th, i'd better go to sleep.. LoL..

Anyway, wish me luck for my midterm exam and my presentation tomorrow~

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