Saturday, 19 March 2011

Guitarist who i really want to emulate..

i played guitar for almost 11 year but yet haven't joined any music (guitar) class.. So..i've played at the same level for the time being (beginner).. I only play guitar for small worship gathering and sometimes join a band (eventhough sometime i play keyboard for the band i've joined).

But i really2 loves guitar and "she" become my companion almost everyday...i haven't bought my own guitar yet. (now using my dad's pickup guitar). I'll use my 1st salary (after graduated) to buy my all-time wishlist "fender"guitar..

Some guitarist i saw in YOUTUBE aspire me a lot and i wish ican play like them one day..(hopefully). I like fingering acoustic guitar because it is cool and it can attract women to me (HAHAHA)..

i like the way ANDY MCKEE play his guitar..really2 cool..his skills, fingering are amazing.. lets see one of my favourite song played by him..
See?? Cool rite..haha..really hope that i can play like him one day..

Another Guitarist who i really want to play like him is Walter Rodrigues Jr. Him jazzy thinggy guitar play really2 cool.. Especially when he plays religious song in Jazz style.. I envy his talent..i tried to follow(copy) his fingerstyle play but failed. Lets see his masterwork...

See the diffrence when i try to copy it..this is my version of "what a friend we have in Jesus"..
see..i don't really have the talent..huhuhu.. This video captured using my laptop the sound is not clear (at all). Sorry for that..i'll uplod better video recorded soon..
May God bless my talent..

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