Friday, 1 April 2011

sHabbaT ShaloM~

last week i went to Klang Pandamaran church with Roy, Sant, and Lorelyn.. I think the timing was wrong because the church is full...soooo many people..(halelujah!)
God is owez with me..anywhere, anytime, whereever i go...
In that church, i've given time to praise the Lord through song... we did'nt practice much but we've been singging this song for some times.. "Homesick" by mercy me...i think i did'nt sing it very sumbang2 sikit but its ok..*nobody cares i guess*..
Next song is...
hahaha...Roy suggest me this song and i love it~ and our next church to be visited is...*dunno yet*..
Anyway..happy sabbath and happy fasting day everyone~ May God Bless Us...

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