Friday, 18 March 2011

Pest Control Assignment..

the most exciting courses that i take this semester is "PEST CONTROL"
Since we have to memories a lot of scientific names of Insect and Weeds, my midterm, quiz, test all very2 "gud"
One of the assignment is to collect 40 insect from 20 order..*now reduced to 15 order only due to the difficulty of finding insect*
Here are SOME of my insect *actually all* and it still not enough..some of it i ask my mummy to send *post laju* from Sabah..haha.. Who can hev me?? i need 8 more order so that my assignment meet the requirement to get GOOD mark..

i think i already have: hemiptera, odonata, coleoptera, dermaptera, orthoptera, mantodea, lepidoptera, blattaria..
i need 7-8 more order to complete this..huhuhu

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