Friday, 18 March 2011

do i miss my family??

i don't think so..hahaha..maybe, just maybe i miss my mom cooking..miss my father's Trooper, and of course miss my lil' sister...haahah

Lil' sista~ i bet she missed me now...for not being home almost 3 month.. This picture taken during Christmas Celebration in our small church in Tempasuk 1.
For the next christmas, i dun think i can celebrate it in my hometown..this time i'll be away from home and celebrate with my friend instead *can't go home becoz its exam time..*
The new schedule set by government isn't really cool..for the next and next and until i finish my study in UPSI, there will be no more Christmas holiday, Kaamatan Holiday...i guess i'll juz celebrate it in Tg. Malim *the most booring place i have ever been*

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