Friday, 15 April 2011


I've been in study week mode this week..and most of the class i did'nt attend~ hahahaha..
But, wat i do is nothing, i'll never really hav the mood to study and i dunno wat to study for this coming examination..
My Carry Mark is disappointing as its goes very2 low and the chance for getting A's is really small... how i wish that im a genius...
Tommorow (Sabbath) is my 1st interview as U student.. its the KPM scholarship on the bet for this interview..dunno wat would they ask me..and i hope that they did'nt ask me to change my name to something like "abdul" or "mohd"..heheh..

this will be the headlines for for next week.. the biggest game for arsenal in their tittle bid.. I'm an Arsenal fan and of course i'd like to see arsenal win.. Liverpool is no.2 after arsenal..hahaha

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