Friday, 18 March 2011

battle of the band with... BAMBANGAN NARATU BAND!!

the "bambangan naratu" band.. the keyboard is awesome!! ROLAND keyboard is the best! Unfortunately some technical problem cause us the day..*HANCUR MAINAN SIOO!!* Bass Guitar can't be 2nd voice muted.. then somebody said.."sepa suruh brabis kc ktawa band urg..sndiri rusak,..haha"... was a good experience.. actually we dont have enof time to prektis..jamming 2 times before battle..mana buli manang.. Its ok..try again next time.. the video recorded is not available for viewing...*BIKIN MALU SABAH SAJA*

This is another band~ K.A.B (Kami Anak Band) won 2nd place..wooohoooo~ dunno how and why we win but..thanks to the judges...i got RM80 from the win..haha.. We actually dont expect to win because we made a mistake during instrumental part.. 

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